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This is a small test application using c++, Irrlicht 3d engine, the bullet physics engine and lua.

You can shoot cubes onto a plain surface and watch them collide.


 * cursor keys           Navigate
 * left mouse button     Shoot
 * mouse wheel           Increase/Decrease shooting strength
 * F3                    Show/Hide lua editor
 * F5                    Run lua script (reset scene)
 * ESCAPE                Quit application


You will need the Irrlicht library to compile the sample program, you can get it on the Irrlicht homepage. After this you have to set the right library path in the CMakeLists.txt file.


On a debian based systems try this to solve building dependencies (tested on kubuntu):

 apt-get install build-essential cmake lua5.1-dev

To build use these commands in the irrlicht_bullet directory:

 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ../.


Download and install CMake. Check that cmake is in your PATH, if not add it.

Open a cmd "shell" and navigate to your checked out irrlicht_bullet directory. than issue following commands:

 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake -g "Visual Studio 8 2005" ..\.

Then open the solution within your visual studio and build it. With -g you can specify a lot of different generators(mingw, codeblocks, ...), for more help run cmake.exe or check the documentation.


Here is a link to a binary distribution from 11 May 2010.

Source Code

gitweb viewer: irrlicht_bullet

 git clone