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This is a more advanced version of the original wiimahjongg. I took the source code of version 0.8 and extracted the graphics from the binary.
Sounds and mod music is rather taken from their original sources or recorded from the original game.
You could also say I copied most of the things...


Version 0.97

Binary: mahjongg_097.zip


  • build with new devkitpro r18, libogc 1.8.1, libfat 1.0.5
  • fix new high score always shown
  • minor code cleanups

Version 0.96

Binary: mahjongg_096.zip


  • build with new devkitpro r18, libogc 1.8.0, libfat 1.0.5
  • fix array out of bounds (thx to new gcc)
  • add printing version number in the main menu

Version 0.95

Binary: mahjongg_095.zip


  • basic highscores for singleplayer and coop
  • 6 new layouts
  • show left tiles in game
  • undo of last move (with time penalty)
  • after a game is finished you can restart with a random layout
  • fix crash if you turn of your wii while in menu
  • widescreen option is now set when loading the game
  • config is saved within the boot.dol folder
  • code cleanup

Known Issues

  • no japanese language
  • currently only english and german
  • sounds are not optimal yet


Source code is stored on github, for building you will need devkitpro, python (converting layouts) and sox for converting sound samples.

 github: wiimahjongg
 git clone https://github.com/rp-/wii-mahjong.git