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roarbar is designed to rely a lot on plug ins for functionality. So it's based on 3 components.

  • roarbar
  • roarbar_lib
  • plug ins


The main application.


Library which provides the shared functionality.

plug ins

Individual functionality divided into sub categories.

  • User Interface Plug in
    • console output Pane
    • playlist
    • album art
    • database viewer
    • quicksearch
    • ...
  • Sound Output Plug in
    • gstreamer output under linux
    • probably direct sound output for windows


Here is a guide to compile the current source code.

Source Control Management

Currently roarbar is stored public in a Subversion Repository, but I actually use git to work on the roarbar source code. I may switch totally to git in the near future, because working with git is very productive.


A documentation of roarbar library can be found here:
roarbar doc